About Me

Leslie Conner

I have spent time in the classroom as well as the conference room, and I've come away with the skills to create an engaging learning experience for adult learners.

I have a technical writing degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and a Master's Degree in English Literature from Southern Illinois University.

In addition, I've completed the Applied Instructional Design Academy program, an ATD-certified comprehensive training in the field of instructional design.

Applied Instructional Design Credential

This badge is the culmination of a 9-month program called Applied Instructional Design Academy. It is earned after eLearning Development, Instructional Design, and Storyline badges, as well as one or more of several elective badges. Earners complete 80+ lessons, receive extensive coaching, and complete a rigorous set of learning activities with practice, extensive feedback, multiple revisions, and the completion of simulated client projects.

My Design Process


The first step to is determine the needs of the client. I collaborate with project managers and SMEs to create a project proposal, which includes a needs analysis for the scope of work.


In the next stage, I will outline the project by creating storyboards or design documents. This allows the client to review the content and conceptual design of the project.


In this stage, I will create the learning solution in the desired format for the intended audience. The learning platform could be a simple job aid or video, or it could be a complicated and interactive course in Storyline or Rise.


In the final stage, the client reviews the learning materials. When all content is approved, it is time to put the vision into action. I deliver the learning solutions, in alignment with the objectives, so that the client can evaluate the effectiveness of the project.